“Inspirational quote that makes finzar look like the coolest dude to grace this planet”

Who is finzar?

Finzar, began YouTube in May 2019, right after he attended a life coaching course (true) in which he discovered that he wanted to make shitty internet videos for a living… He also now knows how to be a life coach. But that’s not important right now.

Editing was never intentionally part of the path of finzar’s channel. He just happened upon it one day when he uploaded a parody editing tutorial, which made fun of the editing process. Many editors liked that. So he carried on and eventually made the infamous ‘subtitles’ tutorial which garnered over 1.2 million views to date.

Finzar is a very loose kinda dude. He be making plans and destroying them as soon as they come up. He lives a very unstructured life. I don’t know why… He just seems to enjoy being an idiot so damn much.

“I pooped”

— Fin

Finzar grew up in the woodland. Raised by a pack of wild monkeys that escaped the zoo a few years back. He has extreme survival skills as well as an incredible ability to dissappear from YouTube every now and again without any trace.
The One True Fin is still out there… No one knows which Fin it is… But he’s out there…

Finzar & RizzleDigz at VidCon 2020.
Get outta here.

Finzar loves his community so damn much. You got no idea man. So if you’re subbed or you enjoy the content, then thank you. All the Fins here at Storezar really appreciate all the support. We love you lots.

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