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Your assets will arrive via the email you provide. You will have a unique download link for the next 48 hours in which you can download your files.

It can take up to 24 hours for the link to arrive, this timescale takes in a wide variety of factors. You will most likely see them arrive instantly or within an hour!

Because our email system is yet to be verified by google domains, our emails can sometimes be marked as junk. So please check your junk mail before reporting missing files!

We have recently changed website hosting to accommodate various payment options. Unfortunately any accounts made before July 22nd, 2022 will have been lost.

If you want your purchases sent to you again, please email us above or at help@finzar.co.uk and provide your order number as well as the email associated with the purchase. We will send you your packs manually.

Please note: our team is very busy at the moment with these requests, so be prepared to wait a couple of days after requesting!

Yes, you can use PayPal to pay for your purchases.

If you’re running Premiere 2019 onwards, then yes! If you’re running a version from before or one that is cracked, then you may not get the intended experience with these assets. These were all made on licensed Premiere Pro & After Effects softwares 2022+.

No. These are for the buyers use and the buyers use only. By agreeing to the end user agreement, you acknowledge that you can not share these files with anyone else.

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