All the essential tools you need in one easy to drag and drop location!

A folder full of hand customised visual effects, including Basic 3D pan, Turbulent Displace (animated) & Gaussian Blurs!

A folder full of hand customised audio effects including the finzar special: SEXY VOICE OVER preset. Absolutely essential.

A folder full of SUPER SMOOTH transitions. Hand made, just for you!

A folder full of slide variations. Great for PNGS sliding into frame or even transitioning to a new scene altogether!

Want those smooth zoom ins & zoom outs? You’re in the right place! These are just so valuable when wanting pre-made keyframes with ultra smooth beziers.

The same subtitles featured in my subtitles tutorial! You’ll find all of the basics here, including the famous ‘pop in’ effect!

With this pack you’ll be able to throw your images, text and videos around with INSANE smoothness. You’ll have all my main tools I use, customised to the best settings all in the most convenient spot.

This pack includes 2 versions; 1x Older Premiere version (2019+) & 1x Latest Premiere Updated version (2022). The updated pack just tweaks the Transitions so they work again!

I really hope you enjoy using it if you do decide to purchase this pack. It’s intended for beginners/intermediate editors looking purely for convenience and time saving. It should also be noted, the slides are for 1920x1080p projects. You can still use them on 4K projects, you will just have to adjust keyframes for now.