Ultimate Animation Preset Pack


A hand made and extremely high quality pack of Fin-animated presets to use in Premiere Pro on your JPEGs, PNGs or PNG characters, including:

1. Shakes
– Flash meme
– Standard Shake (x15)
– Wobble Shake (x15)
– Rotation Shake (x15)

2. PNG Animation
– PNG Drop Shadow
– Transform (Motion Blur)
– 3D Animations (x4)
– Nudges (x8)
– Sways L+R (x6)
– Movement (x10)
– Slides (x20)

3. Misc
-Intro Shakes (x8)
-Stretch Effect (x7)

+ 3 PNG Characters for you to insert your own head into (to then apply these presets onto).


With this pack you’ll be able to quickly create animations similar to those found on videos from TommyInnit (or basically any other minecraft YouTuber)…

This pack includes 1 version of the preset pack; some of the ‘intro’ shakes may not work as intended on Premiere versions previous to 2022. So please purchase if you have the latest version of Premiere. You have been warned!

I really hope you enjoy using it if you do decide to purchase this pack. It’s intended for beginners/intermediate editors looking purely for convenience and time saving. It should also be noted, these animations are for 1920x1080p projects. You can still use them on 4K projects, you may just have to adjust key frames on your PNGs if you do.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of these presets require GPU acceleration. If your Premiere is a cracked version (especially lower than 2019), then these presets may not work entirely. As this is a digital product, returns are not accepted. But don’t worry, they’re worth it 🙂

Love, Fin xx

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  1. Jakiwacky

    very swagger fin, i need more

  2. Pedranter (verified owner)

    This is amazing, take my money!

  3. Nic (WorldWT on YouTube)

    These packs changed my YouTube “career” so much. If you’re on the edge about buying, take it from me, I was hesitant because I knew money was low, but this is on a different level. Everything is fun to use, and you literally wont believe how much this 1 ups your videos. You WILL NOT regret it!

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