The Ultimate Preset Pack.

All the essential presets in one place. Hand picked and customised by Fin.

Get the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Using this link will take you to the Adobe website where you can find deals for what you need! Using this button will give Fin a small commission 🙂

The Best VFX Assets Around (Production Crate).

The place I use to gather VFX assets which are crazy convenient and really high quality. Fin highly recommends this site.

Tube Buddy - YouTube Analytics Tool.

Tube Buddy has been pretty incredible for Fin on his journey. It helps you find and generate keywords to better rank your videos in the YouTube search. Which for smaller channels is absolutely essential. Worth the investment.

Vid IQ - YouTube analytics tool.

A sweet tool to really get insight into trending topics, keywords and search terms for your videos! I’ve only just started using it, but can already tell it’s going to be VERY useful!

Advanced Editing Pack (AE & PR).

For a more advanced editing package, including VFX, Vector Animations and much much more. Look no further. Finzar has partnered with Sonduck Films to bring you a great little package!